Our History

The heritage of Parsels Funeral Home dates back over 100 years. The funeral home has been serving local communities and the Atlantic County area since the late 1800's. The first funeral home location was in Pleasantville, NJ. That location remained in operation until 1982. In 1960, Parsels Funeral Home opened its current location in Absecon, NJ. Except for a brief period, Parsels has been family owned and operated, including currently. Over the past several decades, Jack Lowenstein, a former owner spent many years serving the community as the local funeral director. In the late 1980's, Jack sold the funeral home to a small corporation located in New Jersey. In the late 1990's, Parsels Funeral Home became part of a large, national corporation. It remained corporately owned until 2005, when H. Laurence Scott, III and his wife Susan bought the funeral home from the corporation, thereby bringing it back to its family owned and operated status. 'Larry' and Sue Scott, although owning the funeral home since 2005, have been involved with Parsels since 1989, when Larry took over the management and day to day operations of the funeral home, working along side Jack, until his retirement in early 2000's. Upon their retirement, in August 2010, Larry and Sue Scott were proud to sell the funeral home to their daughter and son-in-law, Heather L. and Steven Matis, the current owners. Throughout the years, Parsels has strived to be an integral part of Absecon and surrounding communities, supporting and participating in community activities when possible. Heather and Steven Matis look forward to continuing the tradition of providing funeral services with dignity and respect to our Atlantic County communities in the years to come.

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